Mindfulness Tools


The ABC's of Happy is a mindfulness practice that will teach you to pay attention to the thoughts and habits that are stealing your happiness through self reflection, mindful intention, and practice. Its a guide to mindfulness using the alphabet and comes on 26 beautifully designed cards. Each letter, A-Z, has an associated word with a short inspiration. The practice encourages you to do one card at a time because when we’re desperately unhappy we try and change too many things at once which can leave us feeling defeated. Sometimes all it takes is changing one unconscious pattern to truly be happy! We hope this simple practice helps you achieve a more intentional, happy life.

Our standard cardpack comes in two different color/pattern options. The message of the cards are the same but the backgrounds are different. The original is seen in the picture to the left and our other option has more muted tones. 

The practice also comes in beautiful handmade boxes as a special gift for yourself or someone else!