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If you want to work with Kate, see her availability for in-person and online sessions below. Click on the 'Book a Session' button and email your time slot request to mindfullivingwithkate@gmail.com. For more options, go to the Work with Kate page.

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Join me for the 2-Week Self-Care Challenge!

Let's practice Self-care together and add in a Giveaway for extra fun! Complete as many Self-care practices from the 2-Week Self-care Challenge as you can. Each practice counts as an entry to win a luxurious At-Home Self-care practice with me! Check out this weeks Mindful Living Weekly for all the details on how to enter! Challenge ends Sept. 30th.

Upcoming Events

An In-person & Online Workshop

Based on the work of Nicole Sachs, LCSW,

together we will be diving into the practice of Journal Speak. This healing modality is what she says is a large part of 'The Cure for Chronic Pain.' To learn more about Nicole and her work, go to her website. You do not have to have chronic pain to attend this workshop or to do this work. This work is extremely helpful in healing anxiety, chronic stress, and other mind-body disEASE.

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This is a free event!

offered to anyone who wants to experience nature in a reflective way. Please click HERE for more information.

An Online Healing Experience

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Do you feel stuck in your healing journey?

Then dive into a process that goes deep into the places that traditional talk-therapy and body practices can't touch. Access the subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are in the way of you feeling whole and living the life you long for. Learn about the Emotion Code.

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