The Unraveling

I was recently reminded of the sentiment that it's not really about the doing but the undoing that moves us closer towards healing and happiness. All of us have picked up burdens and wounds along our life journey. These wounds if left untreated have a way of unconsciously influencing us. Whether it's through negative thoughts, feeling stuck in life, relational issues, or wrestling with anxiety, the undoing is what we need. 

So what exactly does that mean? For me, I've found that I try and 'do' my way out of problems and feelings. If I read this book, or go to therapy twice a week, or say this mantra 3 times and then spin around, (I'm kidding about the spinning around part) maybe THEN I'll be at peace.

Oftentimes I'm confronted with something in me that is trying to get my attention so it can be acknowledged, addressed, and released. This takes quiet, it takes reflection, it takes feeling, and sometimes even forgiving. Basically, it is being available for the undoing and the letting go of what's covering over your truest self!

Coming back to the original sentiment, I believe it's not about adding more to our lives to try and make ourselves better. I think it's more like sitting down and getting real about believeing we're already whole. The undoing is the invitation to see what's in the way of us living in that wholeness, and to slowly & gently release it. 

I want to encourage you to take a mindful moment. For just a few minutes each day, be still and quiet. Take a few deep breaths and just be. It won't take long for thoughts, worries, and tensions to bubble up to the surface. Just notice. You might even make a list of repeating thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. The more you do this the more you'll be able to see what's in the way.  So, what is it for you?

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