Healer's Circle / Starts Feb. 28th

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Must have a minimum of 5 people committed in order to hold this class. Please make your purchase now or email Kate with your interest @mindfullivingwithkate.com

Starting Feb. 28th this will take place on the last day of the month and is a 3 class commitment to a 45-minute cleansing practice starting at 6 p.m. online on Zoom.

This is a wonderful opportunity if you are any type of caring professional and need to release other peoples' energy and stress from your own mind-body. You are also welcome if you are a Highly Sensitive Person as you carry others' energy naturally. Give yourself the space to process so you can continue to love and serve others and not hit burnout or compassion fatigue!

The Practice dates are as follows:

Feb. 28th

Mar. 31st


April 30th

This is a non-refundable purchase once the sessions begin, so if you are unable to attend you are welcome to give your spot to a friend! Just please let Kate know.