Stay Still

How hard it is to be still. It's especially hard to be still in the middle of a difficult time. I tend to go into fix it mode. If there's a problem then I want to find a solution. Now don't get me wrong, that seems like a good idea and even a smart, practical idea. I guess I'm referring to one of those times when you've sought answers, tried out some potential solutions, and then nothing seems to be working. I'm talking about a time when you feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. (by the way that is a strange saying but it makes my point) 

I've come to know that there are seasons in our lives when something simply can't be fixed. I believe these times are meant for our good. I believe we are being given the opportunity to go deeper into who we really are and in order to do that we have to let go of some things that are in the way. Sometimes these 'things' can be mindsets, habits, hurts, or even people. Have you ever been in this place?

I'm writing this because I'm in one of them now and I have kicked, and screamed, and thrown all kinds of objections to this 'not being able to find answers' season. If I can share what I've found and save you some time in your season, then PLEASE listen up. Stay Still! It's so easy to keep yourself busy and distracted but all that does is keep what's needing your attention at bay. All you are doing is prolonging this process. 

I know being still can feel like you're being lazy, or you're not doing anything, but that really is the whole point. Letting go means surrendering and surrendering means giving up the idea that you can change this situation. Remember, you've tried and it didn't work. What you and I need is to be still and to wait for clarity. The more we keep pushing and working and exhausting ourselves, the more discouraged we will feel. I believe that even in the waiting we can be peaceful and trust that something in us or even outside of us is being worked out. It's for our best but we have to believe that. 

Here is a suggestion to help you practice staying still:

Set a timer for 5 min. or if you're brave 10 min. Grab your journal and write down all of the thoughts, that are telling you that you can't be still. For example:

I'm too busy

I don't know how to be still

It feels uncomfortable

It's pointless

and on and on

Don't go longer than a minute cause the thoughts will keep coming. 

Then, take a breath in and as you exhale make a tiny little circle between the lips and let your breath exhale slowly making a whispering/whistling sound as it passes over the lips.

Do one more breath like that.

Take another minute as you notice what sensations you feel in the body. Write them down. For example:

tightness in my chest

pressure in my head

tingling in my hands

dull ache in my belly

and so on and so forth

Then take a breath in and hold the breath at the top of the inhale and count quietly to yourself '1 Mississippi' then exhale completely. Do another breath like that.

Take another minute as you look for any emotions that might be present. Write them down. For example:





and maybe some more

Now you should only have about a minute left. Turn your palms up as the backs of your hands rest in your lap or on your legs and just stay still.

Wait for clarity, peace, release, and believe that you're getting just what you need. Even if you don't feel it the 1st, or 2nd, or 9th time. Do this practice everyday and I promise the stillness is working on your behalf. 

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