Personalized Well-being Practice

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Give the gift of health and relaxation to yourself and/or someone you love.

Stress, tension, and pain wreak havoc on our minds and bodies and we must be proactive with our wellbeing. 

Your personalized well-being practice will start with a 30-minute online Yoga Therapy Consult with Kate. In this consult, you will discuss any issues in the body and mind, and from that Kate will create a practice that is just for you! 

After the session, Kate will take your feedback and create a video practice that is perfectly curated to address and support your needs and goals for your health and send it directly to your inbox. 

(please allow for 5-7 business days for the video to be created and delivered)

The practice can be a combination of yoga, yoga therapy, balancing body structure exercises, breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation, and/or guided relaxation. 

After your purchase, Kate will contact you directly to set up your appointment or to send you a gift certificate to give your friend/loved one. 

Please email Kate at with any questions