The Next Step PART TWO / starts Jan. 27th

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Must have a minimum of 6 people committed in order to hold this class. Please make your purchase now or email Kate with your interest

This is the 2nd part of The Next Step Online Course which you can check out 

 HERE for more info. about it.

This go-around will be slightly different in that it will be 8 weeks instead of 10. 

It will take place weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:30 and will only be 50 min. as opposed to an hour. These changes will also give you a price break.

I believe you will get more out of the practice if you can show up LIVE but the recordings will always be available 24 hrs after the practice or sooner depending on how reliable Kates' internet service is that day hahaha

It is suggested to do Part 1 before you participate in Part 2 but the recordings will be available when this course is through at the end of March to do the Full Course!

Our class dates will be:

Jan. 27th

Feb. 3rd

Feb. 10th

Feb. 17th

Feb. 24th

Mar. 3rd

Mar. 10th

Mar. 17th

Please contact Kate with any questions.