Take Me Deeper

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 In addition to the 5 short Self-Healing Videos and Self-Healing Tracker, you will receive:

  • a 30-minute Deep Stretch Guided Video Practice to release stuck energy from the body
please do not share the video link as it is a paid-for product
  • 2  20-minute Emotion Code Sessions ($100 Value) / These sessions will be done by Kate by proxy which means you will email Kate whatever issue/pain (examples: anxiety, pain in the body, chronic fatigue, stomach issues.....) you want to be addressed, and she will work on it for 20 minutes and then email you your results. You can choose 2 separate issues or use both 20-minute sessions for the same issue. Email Kate with questions at mindfullivingwithkate@gmail.com OR learn about proxy sessions HERE

  • 3 Guided Meditations led by Kate to bring presence and more healing to the body
please do not share the links as they are a paid-for product